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For Everett Schools


For Everett Schools

Relieve Overcrowding

Voting YES creates 58 new permanent elementary classrooms across the district – the equivalent of almost two new schools – and limits class sizes and the dependence on portables. Enrollment is projected to skyrocket with 1,585 additional students by 2030 and we must act now to prevent worse overcrowding and higher costs down the road.

Safety and Security

Voting YES makes safety improvements in all of our schools. While the District’s newer schools are built with secure, monitored entrances, many older schools are badly in need of updates.

STEM Career Pathways

Voting YES modernizes high school classrooms for STEM career programs in high-demand industries and upgrades science classrooms across the district. Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed regardless of their background or family’s income.

Fiscally Responsible

Voting YES keeps our taxes low! In fact with Prop. 1, taxes will be $4.79 per $1,000 – the lowest rate they’ve been in 10 years.  It also funds HVAC upgrades and critical maintenance across the district, preventing more costly repairs down the road. The District has delivered recent projects on time and on budget, so we can trust that our tax dollars will be protected.