Why We Need An EP&O Levy

To be successful in school and prepared for college and careers after high school, students need high quality teachers, staff and educational programs. To this end, every four years the Everett Public Schools asks voters to approve an Educational Programs & Operations Levy. This levy replaces an expiring four-year levy and funds programs that are not fully funded by the state.

The 2018 EP&O levy will raise between $44.2M and $53.2M per year and cost between $2.09 and $2.22 per $1,000 of assessed home value, a DECREASE in the local school tax rate from the previous four years.

How the Levy Supports Students

Educational Programs, Safety and Security

  • Teachers and staff for Special Education, Highly Capable and English Learner programs
  • Substitutes, nurses, health room staff, campus security staff
  • Competitive salaries to attract and keep high quality teachers

Professional Learning

  • New teacher support and mentors
  • Professional training days for teachers and staff
  • Trainings, workshops, and teacher collaboration

Extracurricular Activities & Athletics

  • Music, art, and drama programs
  • Athletic Directors, coaches, trainers
  • Activity Advisors

Additional Leaning Opportunities

  • Summer school
  • Extended day learning
  • Early Learning

Operational Expenses

  • Transportation
  • Teaching materials
  • Ongoing facilities maintenance

News From the Campaign:

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